1202 Dresden Ave
Louisville, KY 40215

The most important aspect of any paint job is the preparation work. I tend to go overboard when it comes to repairing dings, cracks and nicks in the walls. I have an eye for imperfections… my sight goes directly to them. If I see it, then it must be repaired.

I am not interested in a paint job where the customer just wants paint slapped on the walls; Karen Mann Painting provides top quality and professional work.  We must do it correctly. My company name is on the Job and we want you to be satisfied and become a customer for life.

Cleaning up as the job progresses is also another very important step to a successful job. Hands and knees with a wet rag or the vacuum cleaner… no problem. I often leave a home cleaner then when I walked into it for the first time. I always vacuum or sweep before replacing furniture or appliances.

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